"State of Mind"

                                        "State of Mind" Acrylic on canvas
                                                            18" x 24"

State of Mind:  The process of acquiring knowledge by the use of reasoning, intuition, or perception
Several of you have asked about this painting. At first glance, I would agree it is different in many ways to my previous work.  I often speak of moments in my life which looking back, I liken them to a bridge signaling a change of course on my journey.  While working on this painting I knew intuitively that I had come upon such a moment.  The painting I was working on was going nowhere.  I realized I was looking back, remembering as I often do when I paint, when all the while life was compelling me to look forward. It is the contrast and balance between the two.  It's an awakening; it's about being open to charting a new course.  Allowing the "winds of change" one might say, to take me toward that wide, open horizon ahead, unencumbered by the past. 
As my thoughts began to take me in a different direction from where I had started, I began to try to find a new approach to telling this story.  Didn't want it to be overburden with detail about this experience, but rather wanted to put forth the idea of being open to those extraordinary moments when life reveals to us a certain truth. Using some of the same characteristics which define a short story, I wanted my image to offer only the most necessary information in order to produce one quick, single impression.  My hope is for the viewers to capture this idea and allow themselves to see beyond their own perceived horizons and paint a brand new story.  It's all about a State of Mind. 


Carmen Ruggero said…
Striking piece of work! A voyage forward and into the future.

Loved it.

Carmen Ruggero said…
The theory of an acting technique called: The theater of being, taught that experience is achieved after having traveled a full circle and recognizing the point of departure for the first time.

I still love this painting. ~~Carmen
Carmen Ruggero said…
In the study of Frank Silvera's acting technique called: The Theather of Being, I learned that experience happens after having traveled a full circle,and recognizing the point of the departure for the first time.

I still love this painting.